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Why You Should Take Responsibility For Your Own Life

As a society, we are quick to point fingers at anything and anyone that may get in the way of what we want to do with our lives.  We blame our parents, our teachers, our lack of money, our lack of education as a way to make us feel better for why we are not happy with our own life.

Today while at work, I ran into a situation that made me quite sad, because it made me realize how common of a thought process it is. I work for a food distribution company, my main job is to travel the city and deliver food to different restaurants, bakeries, and coffee shops. While dropping off a package to a local big chain grocery store, I noticed the man receiving my order was not the happiest guy in the world. He had a scowled look on his face, and was barely responding to me. I decided to go for it and ask how his day was going, he told me his day was crazy, and with a huge sigh exclaimed “same old s$!t every day man”. He was clearly not happy with his job, and I decided to humor his negativity by agreeing with him. Soon after, he tells me how he should have gone to school, and how it was the “biggest mistake of his life” by not continuing with his education. He said that things would have been so much different, if he had just stayed in school.

Now this man is not abnormal in his way of thinking, in fact, it’s quite the opposite. Many people feel as though if they had just done that ONE thing right in their life, or if they hadn’t had made that ONE mistake, that their life would have been so much different in the best possible ways. They think that life is based solely on one mistake made, or one big decision made, when actuality it is the result of trial and error that leads someone down the road of success. To those of you reading this that think blaming others for your crappy life is ok, STOP..NOW! This is the defeatist mentality, the loser mentality, the victim mentality that allows you to give yourself the excuse that you are not in control of what happens in your life. The idea that your entire existence is based solely on only one particular situation is a waste of time, and will only hurt you in the long run.

The Blame Game

We as humans will make mistakes in our lives, it’s completely normal, and actually quite a big asset. Mistakes are what cause us to learn, to grow, and to be better for the future. By pointing fingers at other people or things for why you are not in the place you are, or why this thing or that thing didn’t work out for you, is hurting you. It’s allowing you to lose sight of the big picture. You are your own best friend and worst enemy, far too many people believe that they can blame the world for their life and it will suddenly make everything okay. Pointing fingers never solved anything, blaming others for your own actions never solved anything.

Being successful in life in whatever it is you do takes a strong will, determination, and a realization that you are responsible for your own life, no one else. The receiver at the grocery store felt as though if he had just gone to school, his life would be different, he would be different. He never once sat down and thought to himself “maybe I’m the problem”, or maybe he did and is blaming his circumstances on other things because he cannot bare the thought that he himself caused his unhappiness.

Take Responsibility!

You must take responsibility for your own actions, and your own success. It will not be handed to you, and no one is going to feel sorry for you for making mistakes. Mistakes are a teaching tool that allows us to grow, and if you do not own up to those mistakes, you never learn. You will continue to make the same mistakes over and over again, never progressing, pointing the finger at everyone else and wondering why your life isn’t going anywhere. Don’t be the victim of your own life, choose to be better for yourself, choose to change your mindset and be the best version you can be.

Going to school will not make you successful, never going to school will not make you successful. What makes a man/woman successful is his or her ability to take action on his goals and be persistent and consistent every single day. It is our decisions, not our conditions that determine our future. Do not let the world think that you are suddenly exempt from any and all responsibility of your life. It is up to YOU to make yourself a success, and with hard work and a determination to do so, you can do it.

Stop pointing fingers!

Stop the blame game mentality!

Take responsibility for your actions!

Learn from your mistakes and grow from them!

You have ONE life to live, don’t waste it playing the victim.

Written by Brysen Johnson

I'm a motivational speaker and writer, dedicating my life to helping others reach success in their lives. It's is my goal to empower those who need encouragement to become stronger, healthier and more confident in themselves.

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