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Why Stressing Over The Small Things Can Kill you

Stress can come in all shapes and sizes throughout our lives, and it is through these stressful times that we truly come to understand who we are as people. The more stress that comes towards a person, the more angry they can be, the more depressed they get, the more they indulge in negative habits that can cause further stresses down the line.

The problem isn’t the issue we are faced with, the problem is our mentality towards said issue, and why we need to change it.

Useless Anger

You have probably been in one situation or another where stress has caused you to feel drained. Your energy is low, your happiness is low, and you’re upset that you let a situation like this get the best of you. I come across this many times while at work, stressing over little details that would not matter the next day . You feel so silly while looking back on it, asking yourself “why did I get so angry over something so small”. You start feeling worse and worse because you know that you got caught up in the moment, and felt stupid for doing so.

We need to address the problem at the core, and realize that it is not the situation that we are dealing with that is causing us stress, but how we are looking at it. I am bad at times for letting emotions get the best of me, I always want things to go my way, in the easiest way possible. When the situation does not go in my favor or the way I would like (which happens to everyone, all the time), I stress out. I get angry and wonder what the heck is going wrong. Instead of focusing in on the issue and saying to myself “ok, calm down, what can I do right now to fix this problem”. We stress over things that are out of our control, things that we cannot change, yet get so angry at, as though we can. I have learned to cope with this stress much better than when I was younger, it’s a hard concept to grasp, but once you get a hold of your emotions, the world around you is yours.

Self Awareness

Now, this term has been over used by every self help guru out there. But the premise around it holds truth, you MUST become self aware when going into stressful situations. Realizing that using the excuse of emotions getting the best of you, is not okay. Flipping out the second something isn’t going your way, or giving up and curling into a ball is not going to get you anywhere. You must be aware of the situation, come to terms with what you are dealing with, and analyze what exactly you have control over. If it is something you cannot change, then move on. This is unnecessary stress that holds no value to you, nor will it change the situation for the better.

I know it is hard, changing your mentality will not happen over night. But you have to realize, getting angry and upset over things that may be stressful, does not help the situation. Nor will it benefit you in the long run, there have been many studies done in regards to stress and its affect on the body. Stress can literally KILL us if we are not careful, and it is our responsibility to take a charge of our emotions.

What is So Bad About Stress?

By definition, stress is a state of mental or emotional strain or tension resulting from adverse or very demanding circumstances. Doesn’t sound too pleasant does it? Well, your body is directly affected by stress. Over stressing your body and mind can result in high blood pressure, heart disease, diabetes, and obesity. People can also fall into bad habits when stressing over something, such as drinking heavily, smoking, or indulging in illicit drugs. All of these things can lead to long term harmful affects on the body if we are not careful. The mind is powerful, it can allow us to see the world in one way or another, it can affect our entire world around us if we allow it to take us down a negative, or positive path. Our body follows our mind, and if we lead our body down a negative path, we will forever be in debt to our stresses, causing more unhappiness, more stress, and more crap that is not needed.

How to Deal With Stress in a Healthy Way

Walk away – When we get stressed, we start letting emotions over take us. When this happens, we get caught up in the moment, and start doing and saying things we wouldn’t normally do under those circumstances. If you are feeling overwhelmed by what’s going on, take a deep breath, and step away from the situation. Allow yourself to reevaluate the situation, and come back to it with a clear head. You will do yourself no favors if your mind is too bogged down with emotion to assess the situation properly.

Do Something Physical – The best stress relief I have ever encountered is physical exercise. Getting up and staying active when faced with a stressful situation gets the blood pumping, the endorphin’s flowing, and gives our body and minds the necessary kick in the butt we need. It gives us a chance to focus on something different, release pent up aggression, and feel better while doing so.

Vent To Someone – Most people nowadays seem to be accustomed to sharing their dirty laundry over the internet. Sharing details about their life that are completely unwanted or unnecessary, and can actually lead to more stress. Find someone who you trust wholeheartedly to talk to about your situation, do not allow yourself to feel constricted and shut down because you feel like no one will want to listen. No one likes a complainer, but everyone needs a chance to let out some unwanted anger they have built up. As long as you do it in a responsible way, where you are not trying to take the other person down in a fit of stress filled rage, venting can be very helpful.

Sleep More – This one is probably everyone’s favourite piece of advice, though it is the most important. The cool thing in business or in entrepreneurship nowadays is to say things like “on my 95 hour grind”, bragging about being up until all hours of the night “hustling”. Although working hard is great, doing it while being tired can cause a lot of stress, being stressed while not getting enough sleep will cause harmful affects on our health. Sleep allows our bodies to rejuvenate, recover and recharge. We need proper sleep to function correctly as human beings. Feeling over stressed? Take a few extra hours to sleep it off, you’ll be glad you did.

Stress will always be a part of our lives, and it is something we will come into contact with far more than we would like. Anyone who is successful in anything that they do with their lives will tell you, stressing over the little things will not help you in the long run. No one is perfect, and we all have momentary stressful times, but by allowing ourselves to be overtaken by that stress is wrong. We take the emotions out on things that don’t deserve it, our family, our friends, our health and well being. It’s wrong, realize that you are capable of being in control of your emotions and mentality towards things. Allow yourself to live a happier life by looking at the world and it’s speed bumps in a more positive life. Can’t fix it? Don’t stress it, do what you can and keep progressing forward.

Written by Brysen Johnson

I'm a motivational speaker and writer, dedicating my life to helping others reach success in their lives. It's is my goal to empower those who need encouragement to become stronger, healthier and more confident in themselves.

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