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When Adversity Meets Opportunity

Life is a true journey and is always changing. It is up to you to make the most of it. I started with just an idea to help myself with ocd with my new solution. When I made huge strides I realized I could help others with my new solution. It was then I started writing my book. Eventually, I created Dumont Innovative Technologies, LLC. So how did I get here? What lead me down this path?

Through adversity comes opportunity.

It involves a story that is quite intriguing. From struggling with severe ocd to having an opportunity for me to truly help others, it has been quite the journey. Here is some insight into my story. As the clock struck 9pm, my family and I’s attention was focused on the tv where we where watching shark tank. Watching this show was different this time because I really wanted to see how Ben Stern did after hearing about his opportunity to be on the show. Keep in mind I did not know Ben at the time.

Ben stern walked through the doors and confidently gave his pitch for his product nohboball. He answered their questions. Ben eventually struck a deal with Mark Cuban. Dealing with OCD can be tough, but in that moment my excitement replaced any anxiety I would have been dealing with during that time. I had an idea and a plan to help those with OCD, but didn’t know how to go about it.

Through a cold email I sent to Ben Stern; I explained what I was trying to do. I honestly was not sure if I would get a response. But, I remained hopeful. I got a call three days later from a out of state number. It was Ben from Shark Tank. We talked and from that point on we have become great friends and business partners.

Fast forward a year and Ben Stern and I were watching the presidential debate after attending the Forbes 30 under 30 event, in Boston. We were watching the Hilary Clinton and Donald Trump debate on the same couches and in the same room I watched him strike a deal on Shark Tank. A Coincidence? I think not. Was it Fate or meant to be? I am not sure, but I was and still am excited for the opportunity in front of me. When I think back it seems surreal and almost like a dream. The journey Ben and I have been on has been awesome.

We work together everyday and are constantly there for each other in the form of support for our businesses or anything that goes on in life. Ben has a successful growing business in, NOHBO, and it is great to see a friend and brother have such success. It has been quite the journey, but I am enjoying the ride of being a entrepreneur and seeking my own growth as a individual and in business with my company.

So the question I am going to have you ponder about after reading this article is, will you make the phone call or send that email that might change the course of your life? It starts with having that idea. Making the phone call. Writing down your ideas. Constantly growing and involving as a person and as a leader of your company.

“The harder you work the luckier you get.”

It has taken a year and a half and now I am proud to be working with the best people in the world at what they do. Those who I am collaborating with are truly great, passionate, innovative game changers. Through a collaborating effort hopefully we can change the lives of millions of people who suffer from ocd for the better. By providing a systematic approach we look to instill a sense of hope, trust, and motivation that will allow for true positive change in the OCD community.

Through our approach one will slowly change the way they behave and think about OCD and over time they can react to OCD in a productive way that will allow them to be mindful, create thought diffusion, and obtain emotional regulation for a extended period of time. Nothing exists like this and we look to provide just that. Working with Josue Arteaga, Ben Stern, Ron Pascal, Mike Clum, Richie Wingert, Chris Sha, SM Relations and Andrew O’Brien is a dream come true.

Nothing comes easy and it has taken me a year and a half of working tirelessly to get to the point to have the network and opportunity to have what it takes to have a chance to create real change. I am thankful for this opportunity and cannot wait to see what Dumont Innovative Technologies can do. I hope this article can provide some motivation or insights for anyone on their entrepreneurial journey.

Written by Ryan Dumont

Ryan Dumont is a 24 year old from Boston, Massachusetts who wants to help improve the lives of those who have anxiety disorders in particular OCD. With his book, medical wearable device and app he wants to offer a real solution to help people recover.

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  1. I found this thought-provoking and very inspiring Ryan. I have projects I’m working on and am looking for ways to promote this or get them out there! I need a network like yours to make my dream come true which is to provide OCD psycho-educational lessons to kids, teens, adults, and also to coach counselling professionals who would benefit from having my CBT coaching programme in their toolbox. And so my goal is to find either a distance college who will use it or a publisher who will put it into text-book format. At the moment these are available with an inhouse certificate on my website. Thanks Ryan for a great post, and all the best to you and your network!

  2. What a great story. I can’t wait to see your progress – this is a very promising venture that is based out of authentic problem-solving. I’ll be watching this closely, cheers!

  3. Awesome article Ryan. I know how hard you’ve worked and the obstacles you have faced along the way. It’s nice to see you’re doing so well.

  4. Thank you for sharing your story Ryan! This was such an inspirational article. Your motivation and determination to succeed and help others is a great reminder that there’s nothing truly stopping us from achieving our dreams. I am also an entrepreneur myself and you’re right, sometimes all it takes is making that ‘call’ or reaching out to take you to the next level. I’m excited to see your business grow and support the cause!

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