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The Story of Rahul Kanojia: An Entrepreneur Driven by a Desire to Help Improve the Education System

© by Rahul Kanojia

Education is one of the corner-stones of a civilized and progressive society and in the 21st century there are several entrepreneurs who are transforming the education landscape with their ingenious ideas. Quite recently I had the pleasure of talking to one such agent of change.

I caught up with Rahul Kanojia, an entrepreneur who is passionate about improving the education system in India. Rahul is the Founder of Diplomads, an education services startup that’s helping students in India do a lot more with their time and resources.

Thank you for taking the time to talk to Stannals, Rahul. What inspired you to become an entrepreneur?

I have always felt that our education system could be much more than it is right now and I always wanted to do something about it. I believe that just criticizing the system and waiting for it to get changed one day won’t do any good. So I chalked out a plan which doesn’t demand radical changes in the system but fits in exactly with the current system, and I could add value to the lives of students and help them reach their potential.

Tell us more about Diplomads.

Diplomads is an education services startup. We conduct seminars, workshops, Industrial Visits. We also provide study resources, solutions for college fests. We have special wings dedicated to Entrepreneurship and Women Developmental Programs. We are here to enhance the complete education experience of students, and we do it with passion.

Other than your current venture, what are some of the other entrepreneurial challenges you would want to tackle in future, if any?

I have just started with my another venture of T-Shirt printing, installed a machine as well; looking forward to grow that business, then I always wanted to get in the Food Business, working on a few plans.

Are there any entrepreneurs that you have always looked up to? If yes, please name a few of your favorites.

Personally, Elon Musk has been a great inspiration for me during my entrepreneurial journey.

Rahul Kanojia

Can you share a personal experience with our readers that has had a profound impact on your life and how has it helped you become a better entrepreneur and a better person?

As a bootstrapped startup, I had my co-founder conflict during early stages of my journey, that motivated me to grow my skills and taught me to never be dependent on anyone for work. This is my advice to all entrepreneurs, try to be independent for majority of the work. So that even if your co-founder or employees leaves for any reason, you can continue the work.

What is the long term vision with Diplomads?

We aim to bring a cultural shift in the way learning is done in India. The idea is to promote purpose driven learning, making informed career choices and make students competent as well as confident in making their passion as a profession.

Do you have a message for your fellow entrepreneurs from around the world who might be reading this?

I am a big fan of networking among entrepreneurs, real growth is when you join hands and grow together.

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