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The Story of Atul Kumar: Dream Big and Work Hard

I had the opportunity to talk to Atul Kumar, Co-founder of Site Galleria, a web development and design company based out of Bangalore. Atul and his team have bootstrapped their startup and their venture is now a recogized brand in South India.

Atul, let me begin by asking what inspired you to become an entrepreneur?

I have always had the zeal of doing something of my own and once I found an able partner in my friend Abhishek and with my family’s support I knew this was what I wanted to do.

Tell us more about Site Galleria. How is it different from other web design companies?

Site Galleria is a Web Design, Website Development, App Design company. We also offer services like SEO, SMO, etc. We provide quality product and services and for startups we provide the projects with payments on an EMI basis. Which is kind of a new feature from us as not many companies offer this facility.

Other than your current venture, what are some of the other entrepreneurial challenges you would want to tackle in future, if any?

Yes, we are going to start a food chain, eventually. It’s an interesting field and we are planning to get started with it initially in India.

What is the long-term vision with Site Galleria?

We are very focused and mission driven as a team. We will be doing this for the next 3 years before we jump into anything else. The aim is to tap into bigger markets and work with well known clients in the near future.

Do you have a message for your fellow entrepreneurs from around the world who might be reading this?

Never give up. Every startup can succeed if you have faith in your venture and your team. Everyone faces hard times in their startup but eventually a time will come when things will change for the better. All you have to do is hang in there, dream big, and work hard.

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Written by Debarun Bhattacharjee

Debarun is the Chairman at He is also a competitive Mixed Martial Artist and Embedded Systems enthusiast.

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