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The Aspiring Entrepreneur Gets Naked

I feel the hesitation in my finger tips as I go to type this revealing short story. In reality it is a long story but lets just make this a quickie, shall we? Welcome to 2017 all you survivors out there! Why not start the year with taking it all off and showing people what truly lies underneath? That is what I am here to do. I am about to get Naked and not in the sense that involves the removal of clothing — although its going to feel as if I am. I mean, explaining to others the reality of the past few years for me will be, in essence, me getting naked.

As a 27-year-old I would like to call myself an entrepreneur but the reality is, entrepreneurship takes you on trips involving mountains high and low and valleys deep and wide.

Once upon a time I was a makeup artist until I wasn’t anymore. I worked for myself but I got derailed in life. Currently, I am in the valley looking up. So, as you see, although I’m down my sights are set north. Over the years I’ve maintained a strong desire to be my own boss and work for myself while leading others. I’ve more than dabbled in quite a few of those multi-level marketing companies in which some refer to as “the pyramid scheme” The only company I had ever believed in was Beachbody but like the other times, I quit the business. MLM companies don’t suit me.

I wanted to be the person that created beachbody not a branch off a branch from a left leg or right leg nobody. Over the years I’ve involved myself in finance industry in educating myself and educating others in hopes I’ll figure out the next big thing for me. What was it that I was going to create? Build? invent? What can I think of that no one else has in order to help people or ease what they already do? You’ve caught me at a point where I’m working on side projects while maintaining a full-time job that leaves me feeling incomplete. So in the mean time what do I do?

I meet lovely people of the same mindset. I seek entrepreneurs and learn them. I know them. I know their habits. I run with them (well, I run awkwardly behind them trying to keep up) It’s a beautiful uphill struggle they have. They are not just connections they are walking portals of knowledge and expertise and just like Napoleon Hill picked the brains of successful Giants, I too pick their brains in hopes that in time I’ll be joining them.

So you see, I have the heart of an entrepreneur(wandering) but have yet to have found my business. This is a start to my long Journey. These goals will be obtained! Wait, where are my clothes??!!


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