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Should I put Ads on my Personal Website?

The answer is no!


Many people now own websites with a “.com” to serve as their portfolio or resume. On the other side, it has also become a trend to start a blog with the sight to only make money from the website. While the idea sounds glamourous, everyone fails to look at the grit it takes to reach that level. Not to mention, the time period is different. We are not in the 2000s anymore.

Confused? Back in the day, blogs were a way to showcase and document the writer’s thoughts, activities, and dreams. Marketers saw this as a new avenue to advertise their products/services and would pay handsomely to popular bloggers based on their website space.

It looked like crap at the end of it. Thank god those days are gone!

Instead, most bloggers will make their income via affiliate marketing and their own products. In fact, the good old space ads no longer have the value they once did due to oversaturation. Which leads me back to the original question: Should you have ads on your personal website?

No. At the end of the day, keeping your website running can be run on a cheap budget, and should be used to keep professional relationships, showcase your portfolio, and to bring value to your company. If you want to make money off of your blog, there are better ways to go about it. Just study big names like Food Babe and the Ijustine. They had this down to an art form for YEARS.

So the next time you think about creating your own website, please remember to do it for the value.

Written by Alysha Mancha

Chemist, Writer, and Entrepreneur. I help aspiring STEM bloggers build their passion by helping with content creation and digital marketing plans.

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    • Hello KK,

      Considers this, have you notice more people putting videos with commercials? Ads on major websites are also interactive or they blend in to work seamlessly with the website. If a website is a media publication like the Huffington Post, you’ll notice the ads are stylized to match their actual posts so the reader may have to pay attention to such posts. Most people will spend around 5 sec, before moving to the next post. However, my article is addressing small websites that people keep for personal use. If John smith the plumber runs, it’ll be expected that his website will show his work value and service pricing, NOT ads. In this case, it will work against him for his own business.

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