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Poos Caboose Game Hit the App Store And Got Us All Addicted

LOS ANGELES, CA – Innovative southern California powerhouse Flux Ventures just released their first iOS game this past Saturday and it has gone viral. Named Poos Caboose, the game consists of having Mr. Poos (the game’s protagonist) jump onto different cabooses and trying to get the highest score. “The beauty lies in its simplicity,” mentioned Miles Anthony, chief designer of Poos Caboose.

Akin to Flappy Bird, Poos Caboose aims to play into the virality and addictiveness of the popular bird game. Poos Caboose has been featured by Apple in 155 countries so far.

Poos Caboose is the 6th project released by the behemoth Flux Ventures, which previously launched Flux Chargers, a portable charger sold in 90 countries, a 6-figure SEO company in Los Angeles, an investment algorithm for cryptocurrencies, and other content creation sites such as Future Sharks, Major Keys and Crypto Times.


“It’s definitely harder than it looks” – said Dylan Skolnik, one of the early users of the app, who “wasn’t able to get past 17”. Other players such as Julia Bortolazzo praised the game’s clean UI: “it’s a well thought-out game, with a very intuitive interface.”

The game has even creeped into daily life. Matt Solit recounts his experience as follows:

“I was playing Poos Caboose on a plane and the flight attendant noticed. She asked what I was playing, we started battling each other, and next thing I know I’m joining the mile high club in the airplane bathroom.”

Alejandro Rioja, the CEO of Flux Ventures, explained that their dream is to create a gaming subsidiary called Flux Games. “We would love to be able to grow and pump out more games to keep entertaining our users. I’m looking to hire a dedicated team to continue developing new exciting releases.”

Poos Caboose is also running a giveaway to anyone that comments on this Facebook post with a screenshot of their score. The lucky winner gets to pick a prize from 2 Disney tickets, 1 Apple Airpods and 1 real cat. Yes, you heard it right. They are giving away a cat. They have partnered with an animal shelter to find a new house for Boots, the cute cat that Poos Caboose was inspired by.

You can download the game from iTunes.

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