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On Becoming an Entrepreneur:Mindset & Action

Decision, Vision, Intention and Execution

Being an entrepreneur is a dream many have. It sounds like the “life.” No boss. Make your own hours. Make your own rules and answer to no one really. Part of this is true. No boss and your own hours, that part. The rest, not so much. Because you will likely have clients if you are making money no matter your business and you will have to answer to them. But before we even get that far, let’s talk about how you become an entrepreneur in your mind and your behavior.

Whatever amount of determination, drive, and motivation you think you will need, multiply that by ten.

I have found there are four preliminary steps to becoming an entrepreneur. I should know, I have been one for a couple of decades. Both brick and mortar and virtual businesses. All successful to the degree I chose.

  • Decide. That may seem like a simple thing but for many wannabe entrepreneurs, it is actually one of the biggest obstacles to their desired freedom. Hopefuls think they want to go for it but then enter the haters and the naysayers and the doubt seed planters suddenly the decision becomes more and more difficult. I say if you have the aforementioned characteristics and you have an idea, decide to do it. Decide. You don’t need to know the how and have your plan, you just need to decide, yes! But hold up, do not, I repeat, do not quit your day job. One of the biggest mistakes a new entrepreneur with an awesome idea can make is jumping in with both feet and no income. Been there, done that. While it may seem like that would be fuel to your fire pushing you faster and harder it can also be the stress that makes you go bust before your business even has a chance. So make a decision, don’t give your notice and move on to the next step.
  • Vision. You have to have it. This is not the “plan”, it’s not the details, this is your big vision. What is it you see your idea doing, being, becoming. The finished product. What is it? More importantly, do you believe it can happen? There have been many business ideas I have created, some successful and others not but the common thread among them was I had a vision. I knew how I wanted my idea to make an impact whether it was for other small business owners, consumers or me becoming a viral contributor to The Huffington Post with over 50,ooo likes. It all begins with a decision followed by a vision and moving on to the next step. I will write more about VISION in an upcoming post so make sure you follow my posts.
  • Intentionality. This is where you begin developing your strategy. A strategy which you intend to implement. Your business plan if you roll that way. Your to-do list if that’s your preference. This is where the real masterminding and brainstorming of the steps it will take to begin moving your project, business, idea, dream forward. Be deliberate and purposive in your design and your next step.
  • Execution. Also known as ACTION. We can overthink things. We can over plan things. We can over analyze things. We can think it’s not good enough. We can think we aren’t quite ready. We can become doubters of ourselves. We can become paralyzed by our thoughts even though we know our idea is awesome and we have done what we need to do in order to achieve this step. And then we stop. There is nothing that will be accomplished if we let these thoughts stop us in our tracks. I know. I have done this numerous times. What really is disappointing is when you allow the fear to paralyze you and a few years down the road you see your idea has been created by someone else. You missed your moment that could have been “the one” for you if only had taken the action. Do not delay. Stay steady on your journey and keep your pace moving. Take action daily. Execute!

Being an entrepreneur is not for the lazy, it is not for you weak at heart.

Your feelings will be hurt if you care what other people say and your dreams will disappear if you do not design it with these steps in mind and your determination at it’s highest level.

The reward will be immeasurable if you stay the course!

Chris Kelly:Personal and Business Growth Consultant and Freelance Writer

Written by Chris Kelly

Chris is a successful entrepreneur, both brick and mortar and virtual for over 20 years. She is a certified life and business coach, a speaker, published author and a contributing writer for The Huffington Post. She is the proud mother of two adult sons and a 9 year old daughter. Chris is an expert at achieving dreams and helping others do the same through personal growth, visualizing, manifesting and executing strategy plans.

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