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Interview with Ron Pascal: His Story, Success, and Advice

One’s experiences and self-reflection over time can lead to self-discovery. Discovering your passion and enjoying the journey makes achieving the end goal that much more rewarding. Curiosity allows you to use your strong desire to learn and work in tandem with your creative mind’s imagination.

Your imagination can produce something new the world has never seen. Your dreams take a lot of work for them to take shape. Being passionate about what you are doing can allow you to use the stress of failure and positives of your successes as another way of learning what to do and not to do.

When an entrepreneur has a true passion there are many attributes they can develop to aid in their success. Empathy, sociability, resourcefulness, resilience, and integrity are all qualities that make us good people with virtues and abilities to be successful in anything we do.

Of all factors curiosity and creativity are two rather unmeasurable driving forces that make an entrepreneur tick. They allow someone to take an idea and over time with hard work have their dreams become a reality. It all starts with one thought and one connection linking it to another.

For those who are creative it is their curiosity to write down their ideas and explore their thoughts that allows them to make progress. One connection to the next. That’s the beauty of being human and an entrepreneur. Being successful is not about one action or quality. It is about an accumulation of knowledge and factors that add up to productive habits. These daily practices that are developed from life experiences allow one to develop skills for success.


These two main attributes allow one to be innovative and grow into the person and business professional they desire to be. Anyone can work hard it’s the desire and the ability to be curious about ways you and your business can grow that allows one to be creative and come up with different ideas and solutions to grow as an individual.

Growing through experience and learning from successes and failures can truly allow your business to grow. Being an entrepreneur gives one an opportunity to use their skills and passion towards a purpose that gives meaning to life. It also allows entrepreneurs, if done right, to use it as source of income.

To show you how someone can use their curiosity and creativity to take an idea and make it a reality I am going to tell you the story of Ron Pascal. Here is an individual who had an idea and did everything in his power to learn from his successes and failures. He didn’t mind working hard because he was working on something he was passionate about.
Ron Pascal is President of Digital Boosters. Ron is a driven person who uses his curiosity and creativity to come up with unique strategies that make each of his clients experiences truly unique. Not only is he a breath of fresh air to talk to, but he sets you up for success to get a return on your investment. Ron uses his innovative mind to utilize his knowledge of platforms such as Instagram and his skill of setting up SEO that makes him a highly sought after game changer, in a highly competitive digital marketing industry.

Tell us a bit about yourself and your brand
I’ve been working online my entire life. In the last 5 years, I’ve been helping businesses understand how to use their website and social media platforms to increase their online sales.

In 2016, my partner and I started Digital Brand Boosters which is a digital marketing company that boosts your brands to millions because anything less is considered a waste of time and money.

We provide expertise that only millennials possess, and we stay current by attending all of the trainings and classes put on by the industry for the ever-changing algorithms and methods to keep you, your brand, and your target market at a transaction velocity you can’t match.

How did you start out as an entrepreneur and what did you learn through your experiences that helped you turn your ideas into reality?

One of my closest friends that I grew up with decided to create a clothing line and we sold wristbands at concerts. We ended up doing a couple hundred dollars each concert to a couple thousand! We made so many sales that an investor approached us to scale and grow our clothing brand! This journey led us to learn more about online marketing and how we boost sales online. Since then, my friend decided to create an online SEO company while I was in University after diving deep into how online marketing works. He created and launched a product that netted 1.7 MILLION in sales! Seeing this while I was in University (I also worked for him in this company) forced me to dive deep and learn more about online marketing.

How did you react to adversity and obstacles you faced?
Every successful person I’ve met always turns negatives into positives. They believe that the “Obstacle Is The Way”, as Ryan Holiday would say and that you need negatives in order to learn more about yourself and prosper!
Some setbacks do suck, and force you to reflect and change. There is something every entrepreneur should live by, which is “through every negative there is an equal or greater positive” which is something always reinforced by Napoleon Hill, author of “Think And Grow Rich!”

One thing I always do is read biographies of successful people! You would be surprised how “NOT EASY” it is and all the challenges they had to face, that aren’t showcased or publicized on media!
Be grateful for your setbacks! Those will fuel you forward to new heights that you wouldn’t have ever even imagined and something even better still!

When did you start to see your hard work pay off?
Your hard work starts to pay off when you become more humble and willing to change your situation.
Are you willing to travel all across the country to events just to meet people at the top of your industry?
Are you willing to spend money on courses to learn and keep your skills sharp?
Are you willing to change and LISTEN, even if it’s something that you don’t like from your mentor?
Hard work pays off when you are willing to be taught and have zero ego, and your willing to change your situation at no matter what cost or excuse.

Any advice for fellow entrepreneurs?

Entrepreneurs need to understand themselves more. Servicing thousands of people and providing value is doing your part of good in the world, and making sure that you are aware of the influence you are doing with your work is crucial!

A good example of understanding yourself is one of my old character traits. I used to be this, “I’m going to work until 4AM and grind” kind of guy. This was great because I was determined, but it also didn’t leave room for appreciation for all my clients and the relationship we have together. I always put pressure on myself and never celebrated the small wins, which is important.

Closing deals, whether it’s $50,000, $5,000, or $500 is an amazing win no matter what kind of success your are normally used too!

Celebrate !

Learn more about yourself, how you operate, and what moves you forward and you will be surprised how much more you can accomplish. One more thing! I would say to please ADD VALUE in every way possible, and to take action BEFORE you are ready. Start helping out your clients BEFORE any fiduciary exchange. Start doing things before you are comfortable in doing them! This will put you on the fast track to a much larger evolution!

What is your favorite thing about what you do?

My favorite thing about my business is I get to choose who I work with! I work with some of the brightest people in the United States! My first client was a E-Commerce Multi-Millionaire who taught thousands of others how to make 5, 6, and 7 figures with Online E-Commerce !
I love working with winners, and it always rubs off on you! Work with the best, and you will be the best !

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Written by Ryan Dumont

Ryan Dumont is a 24 year old from Boston, Massachusetts who wants to help improve the lives of those who have anxiety disorders in particular OCD. With his book, medical wearable device and app he wants to offer a real solution to help people recover.

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