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Interview With Ashley Taylor

I recently had the pleasure of interviewing Ashley Taylor Yannello who is the hostess of a refreshing daily podcast, Real Talk with Ashley.

Ashley has a huge heart, is an ENFJ and loves nothing more than connecting with people all over the world! Vulnerably sharing and shining a brutally honest light on the TRUTH. With real and genuine presence she can see someone for who they truly are and utilizing the power of her strong intuition to cut right through the bullshit! Ashley believes energy is everything. She has been seen on Huffington Post, Mind Body Green, and Influencive to drop a few names at you.

1. What’s a story / event that has shaped you into who you are today?

There’s a lot of stories and/or events that have progressed me along my life. I know what it’s like to be completely broke and struggling yet I also know what it’s like to be in success and thriving. I’ve invested a lot into myself a ton of crap some solid and legit – but mainly it all increased my own self-awareness. I don’t regret a dime or a second of any of it.

I’ve found love and I’ve also lost love and endured heartache from both friends and lovers. I’ve moved more times than I can count on one hand. I left everything behind and got on a plane to NYC which led me to break open and lose everything. Where a “friend” proceeded to steal my last 1000 dollars.

I’ve had money stolen from me. I’ve been denied food stamps despite barely scraping by, almost got evicted…survived on quinoa, slept on cardboard boxes (with a yoga mat atop cardboard) in a studio apt…

I’ve had a multitude of hurtful negative shit said to me (some to my face some online)

I went completely sober for 18 months (by choice not cuz I was ever an abusive alcoholic)

I’ve survived being cheated on, emotionally abused and called a black sheep. I’ve lost everything including friendships (both proximity friends from school/jobs and friends that I started the personal dev / entrepreneur / spiritual world with) It always stings but you get through that shit…I’ve had to determine if laundry, subway fare or food was more important….

Where I am now and what I know thanks to having to bootstrap the shit out of my confidence (believe in myself when no one else does) and my crazy crazy visions and goals (according to everyone “normal”) I never ever stop or give up…I’m not afraid of failing or having zero people pay attention to me…nothing phases me anymore because I always get through

2. What’s your passion, and definitive personality trait?

I am so passionate about leaving the world and everyone I meet be it virtual or real life better than I find them. I want to show people that you don’t have to be “perfect” or fancy or filtered to show up. People need the reminder that there is no perfect and that is absolutely NO reason to not try, to not take off the “masks” the flash the filters…people love and connect with authenticity, realness, the grit and the open heart.

My why is to be a stand for people to be who they are, to let people know that they don’t need to be “perfect” in order to live their dreams or go after their dreams. My why is to let other people that feel like they are different black “swans” know they are not alone. My why is to let no one feel alone or afraid of showing up imperfectly.

I want to be a stand for LOVE and compassion in even the loneliest moments the moments when we feel less than or like we are too out there…

To know that you can RISE up no matter how many times you fall flat on your face. No matter how many fails. No matter how many pivots.

Because it’s not the end until you are six feet under.

Really, though…

Just do what you love, try your darndest, focus on who you touch, change, encourage, make smile….day by day til the afterlife and even then continue.

I want you to know that it is never ever too late.

I want you to know there is no one way of showing up.

I want you to know that by being a real infancy raw human is the way…

I’m just an imperfect person that is always so in the moment and definitely always feels “different” — I don’t have all my shit together I’m not rolling around in the Benjamin’s – I’ve failed a lot – I’ve lost a lot – I’ve had people come in and out of my life – and on and on and on – but I keep going no matter how many times I have to pick myself up off the floor or pivot or try a new. To the point that a lot of people don’t understand how I can still pick myself up or why I even do…but that’s what I want to remind and hopefully leave behind…you don’t need to be perfect or status quo or baller status hashtag goals — We are just humans rolling and breathing everyday. So drop the idea that you can’t start something, you can’t say something, you can’t show up as raw and real…that you have to wait on ____ or ____.Fuck it be a human…life is messy and you don’t always have to have the polished verbiage or the filter or the way you think you should show up…Be real.

Definitive Personality Trait – Resilient Authentic Loving

3. What’s a the Book on the top of your to-read list?

The one book that I truly read cover to cover – Thank You Economy

4. What’s the best piece you’ve Written, link to it, Inspiration for it?

Best is subjective of course but I really loved this piece I wrote on Medium. I actually love all my content but that’s my bias opinion.

Inspiration was just me wanting to let the world know they don’t have to wait to be perfect.

5. Advice to others wanting to gain the Confidence to hold a Podcast like your “Real talk with Ashley”?

The only way you’ll ever know if something will work is by showing up consistently and doing it. Letting go of any fear or thought you might have that you’ll be judged – everyone is judging people or thinking x or yz. You can’t let that stop you. If you really want movement, if you really want x y or z you have to show up fully and be willing to at least try.

The fear of judgment or not being good enough is something you just have to find a way to push past and you just have to try. No one can do that for you. You have to do it for yourself.

6. Few words to Young Girls Aspiring to Lead

Let go of the need to perfect – it really does not exist. Stop comparing yourself to everyone else because everyone is at a different point of their journey. With social feeds especially. Know that everything is just a glimpse, a highlight reel – what they want you to see.

Trust your gut. Believe in yourself first and foremost. Be your own damn cheerleader.

Being yourself is such cliche advice but it really is the truth.

Showing up consistently in whatever that looks like for you. Be it writing daily weekly or vlogging etc. Just keep going. Do not give up. Be willing to pivot. Don’t be afraid of failure because it will happen and it’s all about what you do after that matters.

7. What’s the thought that Motivates you in the Morning?

How grateful I am to have another day alive and how there is someone out there that needs my support. I just want to give as much as possible and show up as fully as I possibly can. That there is always more to be done. I’ve alway got this thought in the back of my mind, can I do more, move quicker?

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