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Incuspaze – Coworking space + Research hub

This Startup Is Executing India's Vision Of Becoming An R&D Hub And Creating Global Brands

Are you looking forward to accelerating your career? I know you’ll agree when I say, one of the ways to do so is by joining a startup.

Not only will you be an integral part of its success but you’ll also have the status of being there before the organisation is a household name. Sounds exciting, right?

Of course, it does! But currently, in India, most of the young innovators have the idea of launching a startup, but they do not have the right support to succeed in it. Keeping this idea in mind, three brilliant intellects Yuvraj Bhardwaj, Yashraj Bhardwaj and Sanjay Choudhary founded a co-working and incubation centre named Incuspaze. Bhardwaj brothers are the investors and co-founders at Zenith Vipers. Choudhary is the founder and chief executive of CrowdInvest, a London-based crowdfunding platform, and has invested money in Delhi-based startups Wishbells and Corseco, an Artificial Intelligence-based visual search and video analytics firm that targets the retail sector.
Incuspaze is on a mission to bridge the gap that exists within Indian startup ecosystem. It was born to create a sustainable ecosystem for the startups and become a research environment where people from all the age and community can come together and invest their time in research and discuss issues related to it.

On a mission to create something BIG.

On a mission to create something BIG.

According to the founders, Incuspaze provides a world-class with all the facilities typically required for a working of an organisation. It is much more beyond coworking space in India.

Co-working space!

Typically co-working means a fancy and trendy office created in an empty place where startups and early stage companies work. Just sitting together inside a room is not what co-working is all about, co-working space should aim to create an aura and provide startups with a platform where they can prosper in a culture of collaboration and openness and be a part of a sustainable environment. That is what Incuspaze is all about; they are more than just a co-working space.



Gurgaon-based Incuspaze had previously opened co-working spaces in Lucknow and Indore and is soon planning to launch in Mumbai, Jaipur, Cochin and Chennai. It aims at providing startups access to global and local investors.

A cool ambience with such facilities where working becomes so easy.

A cool ambience with such facilities where working becomes so easy.

Unlimited internet usage, all sorts of office furniture, various printing and stationery needs, a little entertainment… that’s cool. Isn’t it?



• Use design thinking to identify & address the issue.

• Collaborate to solve real problems more effectively.

• Invent new things, experiment, produce and then test them.

• Start-up ecosystem as well as Research Environment.

• Co-working space for offices.

• Mentorship from leading innovators.

• Follow the concept, research without a degree.

Sanjay on the launch of Incuspaze, said:

“I saw a lot of gap in benchmarking an individual, building a good product is easy but building a good business is not easy. My attempt is to make a startup grow, and our sole aim is to make Incuspaze as the Startup destination.

We are creating five pillars for startups associating with Incuspaze – Investor connect, Mentor Connect, Startup Connect, Partner Connect and the most important pillar of all is the PEOPLE associating with us.

We are launching peak performance program for startups, a 360-degree approach. Initially, we are expecting 5-6 startups to be associated with Incuspaze. We are scrutinising startups because the quality is more important for us rather than quantity.” – Sanjay Choudhary


And yes, the office ambience looks pretty awesome!

And yes, the office ambience looks actually cool, isn't it?
 Here is hoping Incuspaze reaches greater heights in future!
WittyFeed wishes you all the best, Incuspaze!

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