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Flux Charger Plus Review: The best portable charger we’ve ever used, charges also laptops

We got the chance to get our hands on the recently released Flux Portable Charger Plus from Flux Chargers. In short, it is the dopest, most BAUS portable charger out there. It will charge your Samsung, iPad and Macbook, all at the same time. Read the full review below.

Tech specs

Here are the quick specs:
10000 mah
136 x 71 x 10 mm
200 g (7 oz)
Input: 5V/ 1.5A
Output: 5V / 1 & 2.1A
Comes with built-in cables for iPhone and Android
Two additional USB-A ports that can power other smartphones and USB-C laptops

Devices Supported by their built-in cables: iPhone 5 onwards, any micro-USB smartphone (Samsung Galaxy, Note, etc). You can also plug in your own cable to their USB ports and charge any device including smartwatches and laptops.


The finishing of the Flux Charger is elegant and super high quality. The portable charger comes with a reinforced and smooth aluminum case that is not only sleek but also highly resistant to drops. (Trust me on that one, I tend to drop stuff way too often). The Flux Charger is also water-safe.

The Flux Charger Plus charged an iPhone 6 from 0 to 100% in just 46 minutes. The charger holds it charge for up to a month.

Wow Features

Flux also supports “pass-through” charging and features smart current regulation technology so it detects the type of phone you connected, delivering just the right amount of current to not damage your phone’s battery.

If you buy their USB-A to USB-C cable, you can also power your USB-C Macbook.

Where to Buy

You can get the Flux Charger on their official website or on Amazon. Use code STANNALS for 15% off.

This is a solid buy, the dual cables for iPhone and Android plus the sleek finish are the charger’s best features.

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Written by Arshdeep Bhardwaj

Arshdeep Bhardwaj is a serial entrepreneur and social media influencer from India.

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