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Disruptors Galore: Everipedia Releases its “30 under 30” list!

The world’s largest wiki site everipedia has released its “30 under 30” list for 2017 and it is as good as any “30 under 30” list can ever be.

The world is full of disruptors who are leading the way and enriching our lives with their products, services, and creativity. Everipedia’s list showcases 30 amazing people in the entrepreneurial space.

What makes this list special?

What makes this list special and intriguing is that for some reason most of these very talented people do not have wikis on Wikipedia.

This should come as no surprise to those who are familiar with how Wikipedia works. It is extremely cumbersome to add information on Wikipedia which is a little weird for a site that is supposed to be a free information repository. Wikipedia uses citations to verify the accuracy of claims on its pages and everipedia is no different in that regard. However, what seems to set everipedia apart is its ease of use and accessibility.

Anyone can create a page on everipedia as long as they can provide citations. In a sense, everipedia is the only online encyclopedia entirely focused on collecting all the world’s information and making it available to the world.

Why even release a list like this?

Several organizations release their versions of similar lists and some people wonder – what possible purpose could such a list serve?

First of all, humans are fascinated by lists. We like being on certain lists and we hate being on certain other lists. In this case creating a list of 30 brilliant young people who are making a difference in the world through their drive and passion can act as a source of inspiration to others who may then aspire to get on such lists. In a nutshell, being acknowledged by a leading organization acts as an incentive to work harder and pursue dreams. This is true not only for those who make the list but also for those who may want to be on that list in the future.

A brief look at some interesting people on everipedia’s list

The everipedia 30 under 30 (2017) list has some very interesting people. Take for example, Maurício Galdi, an actor and entrepreneur who is also a Human Ken Doll. Then there is April Koh, co-founder of Spring, which wants to offer data-driven personalized care to patients. It merges machine learning and patient care with utmost ease.

Rachel Sumekh is on the list for Swipe Out Hunger which helps set up programs that enables students to get involved and help feed the homeless and less privileged members of our society.

What the everipedia 30 under 30 list shows is that there is a whole world out there full of amazing people who are passionate, driven, and are busy building the future.

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