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5 Productivity Apps You Need Now!

Productivity Apps

In our fast paced world being productive and remaining productive have become uniquely challenging. Unique because we now live in times when we have so much to do that we are often caught up doing things that do not really matter but we never really have the time to analyze what matters in the first place. To counter this we sometimes turn to age old philosophical gyan that may or may not work for our times. But what is sure to work are solutions designed for our times.

Here are 5 apps that help you improve your productivity and you may not even know you need them until you have actually used them.


If you have a brilliant idea that you want to instantly record and save in some form so that you can work on it later, Braintoss is the app for you. Braintoss allows you to speak, write, or snap a picture of idea and then sends it directly to your inbox. The app also transcribes audio you record.

This is a especially useful app for creative social media folks or Bloggers or artists who derive inspiration from everyday life and want to preserve the idea for later. Having multiple options to record your idea means you retain as much freshness to the idea as possible as when you first conceived it.

(iOS, Android)


Freelancers and Solopreneurs are always acutely aware of their time, or the lack thereof. Cushion is the perfect app for planning your schedule months in advance and tracking your budget and projects while you are at it. The app helps you monitor your monthly financial goals and assists you with client invoices.

Using Cushion you can find out if you are free at a certain time of the year or month so that you can allocate another project without overlap. While this app is very useful, it works best for people who already know they have a busy schedule coming up and want to organize everything properly in advance.

(Windows, MacOS)


You are in a team meeting presenting to a group of people and your partner sends you an angry line with angry emojis. The message pops up on your screen during the screen share, which means now everyone knows you and your partner have issues. Sounds familiar? Well, many of us have experienced some form of embarrassing message pop-ups during presentations. And while for the most part it sounds funny and trivial it could prove to be really embarrassing or maybe even damaging to your reputation. This is why Muzzle is a must have app.

Muzzle sends all your messages – texts, Slack, etc directly to your computer and when the computer is in screen sharing mode it silences the message and prevents it from appearing on screen. A nifty little app if you ask me.



Many of us have the habit of writing things down on a piece of paper or drawing something to convey our idea to others. After that the initial idea exercise seems a bit futile because one piece of paper is not really an effective way to share the same information over and over again with a wide variety of individuals. But what if you could digitize that text or drawing and share it with everyone?

Using Squid you can convert your handwritten notes into images of PDFs. You can also annotate these images. Squid also allows you to scan and sign any document without using a printer or a scanner.

(Android, Windows)

Realtime Board

Remote brainstorming is now a very real part of everyday business communications. Team members are often in different cities or countries but need to communicate and what is communication if not done effectively? There are quite a few collaboration tools out there today but here is one of my favorites.

Realtime Board is not only free to use but aides in very effective business communication as team members can research ideas together by sharing pictures, creating boards, and ideate on UI and UX together. This essentially creates a rather useful visual brainstorming session.

(iOS, Android, MacOS, Windows)

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Written by Shikhar Srivastava

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